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Protein-protein supplements for poultry and animals

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Bunge Bunge buys grains and oilseeds from farmers, and stores, blends and sells them to commodity customers worldwide. Based in 1818, Bunge - is the leading agricultural and food company. Bunge handle soybeans, rapeseed, sunseed, canola, wheat, sorghum, corn and other. Bunge`s international marketing sells products in over 90 countries of the world. Daily in the course of delivery worldwide at the company is about 1 000 000 tons soybean meal. Approximately 32 000 employees more than in 30 countries work over improvement of agriculture and a chain of manufacture of foodstuff.
Grudoteka The enterprise has been based in 1993. Principal views of activity of the enterprise is trade in food, fodder additives and albuminous raw materials, the international logistics and commercial intermediary. Throughout eleven years GRUDOTEKA successfully worked in the international market. As a result since 2004 the enterprise has expanded sphere of the activity and renders services of the international tourism and rest, and also public catering and leisure carrying out. Now the enterprise can offer: services of the complex of public catering located in Klaipeda «Friedricho pasazas», rest in the hotel located in center Palangi «Egliu paunksme» and for carrying out of leisure the guest house «Kastonas» in Mosedise.
Союз птицеводов Казахстана Association legal and physical persons «The Union of poultry breeders of Kazakhstan» is registered by Justice department of Astana on October, 11th, 1999, is voluntary and is based on membership legal and the physical persons occupied in branches of poultry farming and connected with it fields of activity for joint protection of the general economic interests, maintenance of protection of the rights, representation of the general interests in state structures and the international organizations. For today The Union of poultry breeders of Kazakhstan represents interests more than 56 poultry-farming enterprises and the companies serving branch. Including 34 integrated poultry farms of an egg direction, 13 – meat direction, and also suppliers.
Kemin Kemin is the science inside countless products you interact with every day. We protect the global food supply chain with our ingredients. As new threats to food security arise, Kemin is focused on protecting our resources and preventing diseases in the future. We are always looking ahead. Human imagination, scientific insight and an eagerness to explore shape our company. We look beyond what is to see what could be.
Rigafeed Established in 1948. Riga Mixed Feed Plant has some long-standing traditions, the main of them being constantly care for the best quality of ready-made production. Using a special program for calculation of fodder recipes allows to optimize the composition of mixed feed and protein-vitamin-mineral additives for a particular buyer, considering his raw materials and animal feeding schedule. Specialists of the company are always ready to give recommendations for balancing rations for livestock and poultry as well as help farmers to get maximum profit and cut costs of fodder using premixes and protein-vitamin-mineral concentrate produced by Riga Mixed Feed Plant.